A Level Course with Cooking for University

"Why did no one tell us this before?"   Over and over again pupils say this when they come and enjoy learning about composition and how to pass the exam!!

A Level Preparation Course and Cooking for University!

Would you like to know what to expect in your Edexcel A Level Music Course?  We are running courses which will give you a head start and help  with some of the more technical musical details.  As you probably know  even if you have taken GCSE Music the A level course is very different and the composition and musical understanding expected can be a little daunting.

Courses run over two days from 10am - 3pm each day and are broken up into sections with academic work and activities which include some cooking to prepare you for moving away from home.  Of course you may already be a brilliant cook in which case you can share your tips!

Everything is provided from aprons to pencils and you will eat a three course meal each day as well as numerous unhealthy (with healthy options always available!) snacks!

Do contact us for more details and also to tell us of anything that you might especially like to cover.

If you would like to come and just cook then do ring Sandra and arrange a time.

You can even learn to make your own birthday cake!