For the love of singing ......

  • Published: Wednesday, 04 September 2013 07:05
  • Written by Sandra Nicholls

We love our choir and have been told that other people do as well!  We don't audition but do expect full participation.     ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~  

We have also started a Junior Enharmonic for younger members and they usually get together here on the first Saturday of every month at 6.0pm.  The last rehearsal is 28th December when we will be singing carols ready for Tuesday 22nd December when you are invited to bring family and friends to sing carols in the garden....wear wellies and warm clothes!


All our concerts are for charity and recently we have raised £1,255 for cancer research in our afternoon tea concert in the Black Barn at Rushall Farm,  £1,500 for the Saints' Projects Trust in Bradfield College, £700 for the Royal British Legion in the Long Gallery at Englefield House and £700 for Bucklebury Church.


Please do ring or email for more information.  0118 9712555

The photo is of us in Bucklebury Church recently



What are we doing now?

  • Published: Tuesday, 16 July 2013 06:32
  • Written by Sandra Nicholls

We are learning lots of new music, including the London Underground staitions to the tune of the Can Can!

We have just returned from a short musical tour in Majorca where we sang concerts every day including singing in the cathedral in Palma.

The annal Messiah concert on the 6th December in Bucklebury Church was to a packed church and made just over £700 for the church.

We are going to have a 'Come and Sing Carols' here on Tuesday 22nd December for everyone!

As you can see we are always enthusiastic, this picture is some of the choir in Winchester congratulating our organist Christopher Burrows.



If you are interested in joining the choir please do get in touch.

0118 9712555

Evensong in Wichester Cathedral

  • Published: Saturday, 29 June 2013 10:18
  • Written by Sandra Nicholls

Evensong Starts at 5.30

Details for Winchester......



Monday 2nd September.  Evensong in Winchester Cathedral with a meal to follow!

There will be a rehearsal on Sunday 1st September at 6pm.

The coach will leave the Old Surgery at 2pm on the Monday and we hope to return by 9.30pm

We will start the run though in the catheral at 3pm and everyone must be there to walk through the service at 3.45pm

Ladies please wear:  Black skirt and white top

Men please wear:   A dark suit or black trousers, white shirt, dark tie, dark jacket.

Concert raised over £800!

  • Published: Friday, 17 May 2013 19:25
  • Written by Sandra Nicholls


Waiting to go into the hall most people used the time wisely and ate! 





Eloise Weeks was a huge success with her song 'Seventeen' and Molly delighted the audience with her 'Castle in a Cloud' .



Oliver and Harriet's own version of 'Billy Jean' was very special! 



Thank you all for a wonderful concert!!


Choir Rehearsing

  • Published: Monday, 01 April 2013 09:23
  • Written by Sandra Nicholls


This is just some of us! If you are interested in joining us for a mixture of music do ring 0118 9712555. We are particularly interested in Bass or Tenor singers but if you enjoy singing (and food!!) then please call!

Palm Sunday Service

  • Published: Monday, 25 March 2013 22:44
  • Written by Sandra Nicholls

A different type of event for us and our first Evensong - a delight!

Thank you to everyone that took part. The pictures are not too wonderful but it is a reminder of another special time together. Choir returns on Wednesday 17th April.

Confirming Details

  • Published: Thursday, 14 March 2013 19:32
  • Written by Sandra Nicholls

Palm Sunday 24th March 

Rehearsal at 4.45pm at Wasing Church, the service starts at 6pm and will last for about one hour. For directions please see Do invite people along….it’s free! Would you like to have a meal in the Hind's Head in Aldermaston following the service? We need to book if you do as the pub would not normally provide food on a Sunday Evening.It will cost around £10 - £12 a head and would be buffet style, but please let us know now. The concert in the Holywell Music Room is definitely on for May 16th.  The rehearsal will start at 6pm and the concert will start at 8pm. WOULD YOU LIKE US TO ORDER A COACH FROM OUR HOUSE TO THE VENUE? IF YOU WOULD BE INTERESTED IN A SEAT (OR SEATS) PLEASE LET US KNOW. We will then find out the cost. This is a free concert with a retiring collection for Children and Parents Together so please do invite people! This was the last choir for this term. We start back on the 17th April…only 5 rehearsals before the next concert!

With our love,

Daniel and Sandra

Adoption Concert

  • Published: Saturday, 16 February 2013 21:04
  • Written by Jack Swanborough

Choir returns this week!

Yes!  We are able to perform our concert for 'Parents and Children Together' in the Holywell Music Room, Oxford on Thursday May 16th at 8pm!  This is great news and we are very excited.

Other dates are:

Evensongs: Wasing  Church    Palm Sunday March 24th

St. Pauls London (not sure of date yet)
Winchester Cathedral  September 2nd  

So much to look forward to!!

Daniel and Sandra. x

Possible May Concert

  • Published: Wednesday, 13 February 2013 17:32
  • Written by Jack Swanborough

Des has asked us to perform a concert for his wife's charity; 'Parents and Children Together'. They are trying to raise money to help adoptive parents form strong relationships with their prospective children and help heal some of the many traumas that have damaged the children's lives. Would you like to take part in this? It will be along the same lines (light and bubbly) as our Englefield Concert in aid of Alzheimer's. The charity would be able to provide some of the audience which would help with ticket sales! Please let us know your thoughts.