Past Courses

This is from Molly's mother....

"I’m sure you’ll both be pleased to hear that Molly, who did your course at half term, has just got 95 Distinction in her theory!  We are all thrilled!  When Molly came to you, she only had the basics of theory (around Grade 2) and it’s just fantastic that she learnt so much so quickly. The method you taught her completely suited her – she loved the structure and the confidence it gave her – and she found it interesting.  As you know, I thought we were taking a slight risk taking the exam just 10 days after the course, but it was worth it. Thank you for encouraging her to ‘go for it.’ In the 10 days between half term and the exam, Molly did 8 exam papers (we didn’t quite manage 10) and each time we sat down afterwards and she looked through what mistake she would avoid another time.

As you know, our other older daughter, had taken her theory (and passed by a mark) having not been prepared at all properly. As we hoped, she feels the course has really helped give her an understanding of theory she didn’t have and she feels much more confident as she has her practical lessons and as she goes in to GCSE music.

Thank you for providing such expert tuition and a warm and enjoyable environment. The girls felt very much at home, had enormous fun and enjoyed meeting the other pupils."