We conducted an informal experiment to test the hypothesis that music has an effect upon taste. At a recent choral concert the audience members were given a frozen grape to eat while I talked to them. Later in the programme they were given another and told to eat it when some music began (Mozart’s “Ave Verum”). Later still in the programme the experiment was repeated whilst Vivaldi’s “Gloria” was sung.

The results clearly showed that people enjoyed the grapes more while music was playing. (The number of people scoring a 4 for sweetness rose by 33% from grape 1 to grape 2) The number of people prepared to score a 5 for sweetness rose by 200% from grape 1 to grape 2 (and increased further for grape 3). Furthermore the number of people who rated sharpness as 1 fell by 14% for grape 2 and a further 10% for grape 3. One of the score cards had a comment written on it “It is so maddening. I know that all the grapes are the same but they genuinely do taste sweeter with music playing!”

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Parent Feedback

Maddy gained distinction in her grade 5 theory exam - 90 marks. She is thrilled, needless to say, and so are we.

We are very happy to have found Soundscool and Alex would be in no way ready for his exam without you. It is pleasing to discover something on the internet which is as good as it claims to be and he has had a wonderful time!

We have just got Alexander's results.... 94%! Thank you so much for all you did for us..he knew nothing of Grade 5 theory before October half term. You prepared him very well. We are so glad we found you!

The boys really enjoyed their time with you and felt totally enthusiastic about the whole experience. They both loved your approach and the warm welcome you gave them, and were up bright and ready for day two without prompting.

"For our son music theory was something to dread before coming on your course, but now he is so confident and he has found inspiration in understanding the theory behind the music he plays. His organ teacher has noticed the difference in his understanding, so this experience has enriched him and helped him beyond just the exam."