December Messiah Concert

Review from the concert!

Excitement was in the air from the walk through the dark into the church yard lit by tiny lanterns to the final Hallelujah!  Every word from Handel’s original work was either sung or spoken and with such feeling nobody could not help but be moved.

There were excellent solos and duets including three young Junior Enharmonic members who sang the first verse of Abide with Me (another little extra and the audience joined in with passion).

A particular highlight of the spell binding evening was Alex Crossman playing Summer from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons. An outburst of musical fervour and a true duet of piano and violin.

Daniel Nicholls accompanied and directed the whole proceeding as usual with his easy style and musical brilliance making the choir and audience as one.

Although this annual event is about bringing people together to start the Christmas season with fun and feeling,  (and it certainly did with all ages from toddlers, children, teenagers -yes really, lots and they were genuine with their praise) to those a little older, £600 was collected and donated to Bucklebury Church.

Now we are left to wait a year for the next exciting hour!

Neil Oxley